How It Works?

There's a great chance you're sharing some links. While you do that, you are sending users to external content. It’s time to get them back!

  • Find a useful link to share

    Get the link to any website you want to share with your audience. It can be a blog post, a news article or anything from any website, you don't need to be associated with that website at all

  • Optimize Your Link

    Add your re-targeting pixels, Call-to-Action popups, opt-in forms or any custom scripts that will help you track, retarget or convert your audience.

  • Share It With Your Audience

    Simply share your smart link on social media networks, email newsletters, or any other way choose. Anyone who visits that link will see your call-to-action.

Collect leads and grow your email list

Use email opt-in popup on your smart link to grow your email list. We support any opt-in popup software that provides an embeddable script.

Understand your audience and measure your marketing efforts with detailed clicks, conversion rates, referrers as well as integration with your favorite analytics platforms

Call to Action

Add branded call-to-action on every link you share to increase your product conversion rate

Retargeting Pixels

Build your perfect custom audience and target interested people by adding various retargeting pixels

Optimize Link

Create a Optimize Link by shortening and branding all the links you share

Custom Domain

Get a higher click-through rate by transforming long, ugly links into shorter custom links using a domain you own

Measure & Optimize

Advanced metrics that tell you how your shared content is doing with your audiences

Optin Forms

Collect leads with customized branded popups and grow your subscribers lists

Pricing Plan

Simple and affordable pricing plans. Try our service with no obligation and upgrade as you grow


$ 4.95

  • UNLIMITED Clicks
  • 2 Campaigns
  • 100 Links
  • 5 Call to Actions
  • 3 Pixels
  • 2 Custom Scripts
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • Analytics
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$ 9.00

  • UNLIMITED Clicks
  • 50 Campaigns
  • 2000 Links
  • 100 Call to Actions
  • 50 Pixels
  • 50 Custom Scripts
  • 5 Custom Domains
  • Analytics
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$ 15.00

  • UNLIMITED Clicks
  • 200 Campaigns
  • 5000 Links
  • 400 Call to Actions
  • 400 Pixels
  • 400 Custom Scripts
  • UNLIMITED Custom Domains
  • Analytics
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Freequently Asked Questions

1. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards via our Stripe gateway as well as PayPal.

2. May I change or cancel my subscription?

Credit card subscriptions are monthly and may be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at any time by simply going to the Billing Page. Changes to your account become effective immediately.

3. What's your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day refund from the date of your first subscription. Simply contact us with a valid reason and we'll cancel your subscription and refund your money.

4. How does the free trial work?

After registration, you will have 7 days to use linknino without being charged. You can add your payment method at any time during the trial period, however your credit card will not be charged until the trial period ends.

5. What is an Optimize Link?

An optimize link is a shortened URL with lots of benefits. When sharing any content you can shorten the URL to something more memorable, add eye-catching and also add branded call-to-actions or retargeting/tracking pixels from a range of platforms, such as FaceBook, Twitter, Quora, Google, Linkedin and much more!